Learning Through Play


We aim to provide a safe, secure and stimulating environment for children with high standards of care, learning and development through a balanced and broad curriculum.  At Kinder Haven we assist children to develop life skills and support cultural capital to ensure they are successful in life and society through empowerment, independence and all-round progress.


We have innovative spaces and opportunities where learning is endless our individual play rooms are age appropriate, colourful, safe, air conditioned, structured and attractive to stimulate overall development covering the principles of the Early Years Foundation Stage. We provide a variation of activities, in spacious surroundings, to encourage children to learn, increase abilities, exploration and provide immense play value. Our experienced nursery practitioners are committed to providing the highest standards of quality care for children from 0-5 years through our personalised childcare service and genuine interest in how children learn. Our spacious enclosed outdoor play areas have textured soft play surfaces for energetic play, as well as providing the ideal setting for learning about nature, exploration and physical development. Our playrooms and activities support the seven areas of learning and development of the Early Years Foundation Stage that are crucial for igniting curiosity, enthusiasm and ability.


   Twinklets (0- 12 months plus) and Angels (12 – 24 months plus)

The baby rooms are bright, colourful, warm and spacious providing a cheerful atmosphere designed to stimulate baby’s senses, exploration, physical and mental development. We focus on and provide a routine that includes lots of personalised attention, care, activities, with age appropriate interesting toys and face to face interaction. Our caring skilled practitioners engage with babies, at their level and support them with attachment, play, care and sleep routines.  We provide a variety of soft play and sensory equipment providing a warm, delightful, home from home setting with lots of affection, encouragement and guidance.


  Cherubs (2 – 3 years) The toddler rooms are spacious, fun and flexible, with a balanced day of stimulating activities, group interactions, free play and discovery areas to encourage exploration and interest in young children.

We provide specialised support with a combination of enriched learning, personal care, confidence and self-esteem, with gentle guidance in a nurturing positive environment. Encouragement of language, hand and eye co-ordination and basic numeracy through structured fun activities are provided within the daily routine. Free 15 hour Early Education Entitlement places are offered in this room. We offer these in 5 hour slots (8am-1pm or 1pm-6pm and 10 hour slots (8am-6pm).


  Bright stars (3 – 5 years) Our pre-school settings are structured to prepare children for life, through active learning and support for a steady transition to school with encouragement for all children to reach their full potential at their own pace. The daily routine and planning considers individual needs, interests and stages of development.  Our planning and environments create challenging and enjoyable experiences to enable children to investigate, challenge themselves, discover, build confidence and learn through purposeful play with a mix or adult-led and child-initiated activities. We provide an enriched, infused learning environment with structured activities that support children to solve problems, make choices and be proud of their achievements. Free 15 and 30 hour Early Education universal and extended Entitlement places are offered in this room. We offer these in 5 hour slots (8am-1pm or 1pm-6pm and 10 hour slots (8am-6pm).



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